Group of able bodied and disabled dancers are pictured mid movement, bodies intertwined in a choreographed move.
An integrative group of disabled and able bodied participants and trainees dance in unison at the Scotland-Italy inclusive arts exchange workshop in Milan. ©

@Paragon Music, 2019

In January 2019, in consideration of the changing context within the European Union, the British Council / Creative Scotland Partnership launched an open call which sought to support projects aimed at strengthening or establishing new relationships and networks between the Scottish arts sector and European peers.

A total of 89 proposals were received and partners were delighted at such a response, seeing it as demonstrative of the strength of Scotland’s creative links with Europe and of the level of interest in forging new partnerships.  Just over £138,000 was committed to support 16 projects covering a range of art forms, a wide geographic spread in Scotland and collaborations with 15 European countries.  Full details of all the projects supported can be found here.

The grant recipients were brought together for a learning, sharing and peer support event at British Council Scotland in June 2019.  It was a fantastic opportunity for the partners to hear in more depth how projects had developed, and it became evident that two themes connected many of the projects taking place: equalities, diversity and inclusion (EDI) practice and a focus on work with Nordic countries.

Project leads have since shared a wealth of rich material with us and we have used this to tell the stories of some of the projects over the past eight weeks, initially focusing on the theme of equalities, diversity and inclusion. 

In this final blog in the series on projects embedding equalities, diversity and inclusion, Arts Officer, Gwen McLeod, shares some of the learning and outcomes of a research project led by Edinburgh based, Luke Pell, with partners in Germany and the Nordics. You can read the blog here.  Links to earlier blogs in this series can be found below.

We will be sharing more stories on the Nordic-focused Scotland / Europe projects in coming weeks so do keep a watch on the website and British Council Scotland's social media pages.  

Participant / Artist Tanya from Art Studio01, Shrewsbury, is stood poised at an easel painting a portrait ©

@Project Ability, photograph Jack McElroy, 2019

The panel are on stage, listening to the person in the centre who is talking. The background is a purple circle surrounded by black and there is subdued purple lighting in front of the audience.
Queer B-Cademy opening night talk at Kampnagel with: Tucke Royale, Valentine Tanz, Ifeatu Nnaobi and Nata ©

@Cade & MacAskill

Two dancers are photographed in mid-dance in a rehearsal studio, Philip is positioned in an arc with his arms and hands curved forward towards each other and index fingers almost touching, gesturing to the second dancer, Jacqueline who sits in a wheel chair and has her left hand extended gesturing towards the floor, her left foot points forward mid-dance.
Oceanallover performer Philip Alexander Macdonald rehearses with Misiconi artist Jacqueline van Kuilenburg at Eemhuis Arts Centre. ©

@ Spoffin Festival, 2019. Photographer Henry Krul.

Artist sings seated at a piano while two audience members kiss
Ivo Dimchev's P Project in Take Me Somewhere 2019 busiest ever festival. The 200 strong audience had the opportunity to participate on stage in this raucous event. ©

@TakeMeSomewhere festival, 2019. Photographer Nada Zgank.


Workshop participants are pictured seated in small groups spread over a large room with wooden flooring. A screen with writing is pictured at the end of the room. There is a piano in the corner and a staircase leading to a level above.
Luke Pell leading a workshop at CODA Festival Norway in 2019 with Producers Den of Luke, Peter Pleyer and Nadja Dias. ©

@Luke Pell, 2019

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