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British Council Asset Bank

British Council Scotland builds relationships and dialogue on issues affecting Scotland’s profile and standing in the world.

Fostering cultural and educational links with other countries creates mutual understanding and respect. We beleive this is the foundation for successful future business relationships.

Since 1946, we have enabled thousands of young people from Scotland to study and work abroad, helped schools and higher education institutions to create partnerships in other countries, and supported teachers’ and academics’ professional development through international experiences. We have also brought the brightest students from other countries to work, study and teach in Scotland, broadening the ambitions and horizons of our young people.

We have showcased the best of Scottish arts on the world stage and we continue to bring the best of the international arts scene to Scotland. We support performances and exhibitions at Scottish festivals, museums and galleries.

We work with the Scottish Government to help deliver its international goals and priorities as expressed in its National Performance Framework and related policy positions. This means that our work tends to focus on creating partnerships with countries that the Scottish Government regards as being of strategic importance. These include China, India and Brazil.

Through offices in 110 countries, we pull together overseas knowledge, experience and perspectives. This is invaluable for visiting cultural and educational delegates to Scotland.