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Have you considered studying in Scotland?

Scotland has more world class universities per head of population than anywhere else in the world. With 19 world class institutions, Scotland’s university sector offers unparalleled quality and choice. Scotland's universities are proud to offer the highest rates of student satisfaction in quality of teaching in all of Britain. Scotland’s universities offer their graduates the highest rate of employment or further study in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Study in Scotland and you will experience lively cosmopolitan cities, spectacular landscapes and a vivid and varied sports, arts, entertainment and social scene. Scotland is a very compact country, so it’s easy to get to and to get around. There are six major cities, including the capital Edinburgh, all within easy reach of each other and the stunning Scottish countryside.

Scotland is a multicultural society with a population of just over 5 million. People have been coming to live here from all over the world for centuries, so you can be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive to study in Scotland. And of course, Scottish people are famously friendly!

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