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British Council

British Council offers a wide range of services and support for higher education institutions for international work and partnerships.

Internationalising Higher Education

We work with and through higher education institutions in the UK and abroad to support the development and provision of knowledge and skills globally. Our knowledge of overseas contexts and cultures in higher education is valuable. We have connections to policy makers, practitioners and our reach to students makes us the partner of choice for many higher education contracts.

In international higher education we:

  • promote and support the exchange and mobility of students, scholars and academics around the world
  • promote and support higher education partnerships and collaboration between UK and international universities, industries and governments
  • shape and drive international collaboration of higher education through policy dialogues, research and insight.

Please visit theĀ Internationalising Higher Education website for more details.

Services for International Education and Marketing (SIEM)

British Council Services for International Education Marketing (SIEM) is a portfolio of solutions to support UK education institutions in their international recruitment, marketing and partnership strategies. SIEM operates in 51 countries, providing services delivered in-country that include:

  • partnering and consultancy
  • marketing products, such as digital marketing campaigns and over 100 recruitment fairs annually
  • education intelligence
  • professional training and development.

For market facing activities, we are supported by the Education UK brand, with a reach of 2 million prospective students around the world.

To register, visit theĀ SIEM website or simply email us at and we will contact you directly.


Erasmus+ offers funding to support higher education student and staff mobility for any of the following:

  • A study period in a programme country.
  • A traineeship aboard.
  • Teaching periods at another higher education institution abroad.
  • Training periods in a relevant organisation aboard (staff).

UK higher education institutions can also apply for funding to run collaborative projects aimed at improving higher education provision. Strategic Partnerships in higher education can last for 2 or 3 years and are a flexible way of working with partners from different countries.

For more information and how to apply, please visit the Erasmus+ website.