Katy West - India Street
Katy West - India Street ©

Katy West - India Street. Photographer: Beinn Watson

This strategic partnership between Scotland’s national leader for Scotland’s arts, screen and creative industries (Creative Scotland) and the UK’s international cultural relations body (British Council) is based on a shared belief that working together and integrating complementary activity of both organisations enhances opportunities to place the arts and the culture of Scotland on a world stage, and provides an international context to, and benefit, for Scotland. 

The partnership is set to develop certain bilateral relationships in order to ensure Scotland’s creativity is recognised internationally and is central to the UK’s cultural relations offer. It allows quality work to flow from the local to the international and vice versa. This is a 3-year partnership (2012-2014) focusing on collaborations and exchange with Brazil, India and South Africa.

About the partnership:

  •  Works for and with the arts and creative sector in Scotland, as a dynamic and flexible model that creates and builds key international opportunities for artists;
  • Fosters international ambition and excellence in Scotland through collaborations, networks, showcasing and strategic interventions;
  • Promotes established and emerging artists whose creative work is innovative, reflective and of high quality;
  • Provides creative talent with a transformational international experience;
  • Develops and nurtures important international markets as routes towards a sustainable cultural economy;
  • Engages international audiences and encourages them to take advantage of opportunities and learning to enhance understanding of the arts and creative economy in Scotland;
  • Brings collaborative work from the international arenas into Scotland.

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