Our programme of work reflects the aims of both the British Council’s arts strategy and its UK strategy. These are:

UK Strategy Arts Strategy

Represent and serve all parts of the UK and the particular interests of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales 

Sharing UK arts with the world
Engage with cities to support their international ambitions Fostering collaboration and networks
Work with institutions, networks and partners to share UK excellence, expertise and experience with the world and bring learning and insight back home Enabling social change through extending safe spaces for creative exploration and exchange
Support an international outlook among young people in the UK, helping to ensure they have international experience as part of their development Capacity building
Help enhance the world's understanding of the contemporary devolved UK Shaping and sharing cultural policy and research in the UK and overseas

How we work

We use Scottish platforms to promote Scotland’s cultural talent to overseas visitors, introducing international artists, cultural producers, programmers and policy makers to their counterparts here in Scotland. We work strategically with local partners to deliver programmes and projects, and create opportunities for partnership and collaboration between the creative sector in Scotland and a range of priority countries across the world. 

As a team we are part of the British Council’s global network spanning more than 110 countries. We support the delivery of work originating from this network, sharing ideas and opportunities with Scotland’s cultural sector. We also work closely with our London-based Arts department to ensure UK-curated projects are shared with and include Scotland’s artistic talent.

Meet the team

We are a team of three, led by a Head of Arts and complemented by an Arts Officer and an Arts Partnership Manager who leads on our partnership with Creative Scotland and the Momentum programme.

Norah Campbell
Head of Arts

Dom Hastings
Arts Partnership Manager (until March 2021)

Vacant (from 22 February 2021)
Arts Officer

To contact us please email: ScotlandArtsTeam@britishcouncil.org