The two authors stand on rocks facing out to sea with their hands raised up to the blue sky.
Nadine Aisha Jassat and Amanda Thomson celebrate connecting at Cape Point. ©

Photo @: Nadine Aisha Jassat

Outriders is a unique literary development project that aims to contribute to our understanding of the world and give voice to untold stories.  

In early 2020, five pairs of writers embarked on life-changing journeys for Outriders Africa, travelling across the continent meeting communities along the way. They engaged in wide-ranging discussions around migration, colonial legacies, inequalities, globalisation and environmental change.

Featuring emerging and established Scottish and international writers, Outriders Africa represents a range of practice, nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds and genders. 

Travelling between January and March 2020, each writer was tasked with creating a new work in response to their journey to present at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF) 2020. 

None of them would know when they set out how significantly the world would change in the months to come. 

Read more in the case study linked below about the writers, their journeys together, and how their experience with the Outriders programme has built lasting connections and inspired their work into the future.

If you have any access issues with the PDF format of the case study please contact us via email at 

Outriders Africa was a wonderful experience... it gave me the opportunity to investigate ancestry, while also exploring and responding to new places, all the while discovering a wonderful partnership with other writers, individuals, and organisations. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this opportunity.Nadine Aisha Jassat


Momentum has given the Book Festival extraordinary opportunities to try out new ways of working with writers, and to forge new partnerships.”  Nick Barley, Edinburgh International Book Festival


"The Outriders Africa Project was a journey that sat with my vulnerabilities and, for me, cured them: to be naked before another, expecting chaos, and finding, with each turn that you are safe. It was a lovely experience. I would do it all over again!Donna Obaseki-Ogunnaike

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