adLIB! is a brand new international programme based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that brings together prominent speakers from different art disciplines including leaders, professionals, students, entrepreneurs and producers for an interactive experience. The first edition took place at Teatro Picadero from 19-20 October 2015.

The programme combines art, technology and the latest trends and aims to provide opportunities for attendees and participants to make meaningful connections, conversations, and discussions which may lead to collaborative outcomes. 

Day 1: Workshop 

Participants were given group exercises where they learned how to develop solutions to various challenges. They were required to manage tasks, resources, and overcome conflicts without losing sight of the ultimate goal.

Day 1: International Conference

International speakers, many leaders in their fields, shared their inspiring experiences with the audience. Topics covered included production, creativity, innovation, technology, strategy and trends.

International speakers

  • Kath Mainland (Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society/ Edinburgh Festivals)
  • Mark Miller (Tate Gallery) 
  • Sebastian Meza (Sonar/ Lollapalooza) 

Local speakers  

  • Sebastián Valdivia (TRImarchi)
  • Alfonso Amat (Iamat)
  • Sol Tossounian (FWTV) 


  • Milo Locket 

Approximately 200 participants were selected through an application process to attend the event. The audience included students and arts professionals at all stages of their career. For the ones who were unable to join the event, you can still be part of the abLIB! community by downloading the app on iTunes for free. The talks are also available online at FWTV