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Education Scotland

Learners International is an online resource jointly developed with Education Scotland. Designed in collaboration with teachers and education practitioners, it supports schools in Scotland to develop international experiences focused on skills development for learners of all ages .

The website is designed to improve learners’ skills, knowledge and experiences to allow them to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Education practitioners are offered a range of contexts for learning, which include participating in programmes such as Connecting Classrooms, Erasmus Plus or eTwinning.

Learners are supported to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment, recognise different perspectives, communicate their ideas to diverse audiences.

The different sections build on best practice from around Scotland to demonstrate how school partnerships and international education can support delivery of Learning for Sustainability, offer an excellent means for continuing professional development and bring wider benefits to schools and their local communities.

The resource is designed to align with the Scottish Government’s International Strategy, as well as that of Education Scotland. and fits within the How Good is Our School self-evaluation framework.

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