China has a rich and historic performing arts tradition through unique forms of classical dance, music and opera. Recent decades have seen both young and adult audiences become more interested in Western forms of theatre, including shows produced for children.

New demand has also been influenced by demographic change. As China’s post 1980s generation have become parents, they have driven increasing recognition of the important role of theatre in the education and entertainment of young people. At the same time, China’s one child policy has been relaxed (announced in 2015), with the aim of increasing the number of children in future generations.

A new report by BOP Consulting and published by the British Council presents information on the main players and market conditions in this growing scene. The study offers advice for UK companies interested in working in China, as well as key considerations and opportunities. The report uses the term ‘theatre for young audiences’ to include all performances made for children and young people between 6 months and 18 years of age. 

You can download the report through the China Now platform.

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