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The British Council is running a global season to mark the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Internet. Anyone//Anywhere aims to spark debate, showcase exciting innovations, and explore how we can make the web open and accessible to all.

It has inspired us to find out how the Internet has effected the lives of people in Scotland, so we asked some of our Edinburgh-based team to share their most treasured Scottish websites.

Undiscovered Scotland

A sprawling website full of info on Scottish places and their history. If you scroll down a bit, there’s a clickable map which I use for planning day-trips.

Also check out Taps-aff for the Glasgow weather forecast distilled down to its purest form.

- Gary Shiells eTwinning Delivery Manager.

Craft Scotland

As you would expect, there are lovely things to look at and buy. You can also learn about the maker community and enjoy the regular ‘make your own story’ features on makers and the impact their practice has on their lives - including a couple of recent posts looking at mental health.

- Eilidh Hamilon, Senior Consultant

The Ferret

An independent media organisation specialising in investigative journalism in Scotland and beyond. It's particularly unique because it's set up as a cooperative working to social enterprise values, which means it can be as unbiased as possible in its reporting. It has been widely recognised for the quality of its reporting and is currently a finalist in the Amnesty International Media Awards for excellence in human rights journalism.

- Sarah Gorman, Future News Worldwide Programme Manager

Rampant Scotland

This one takes me back! It has thousands of links to everything about Scotland and all things Scottish. I’m pretty sure it’s looked the same since 1999. No attempt to look flashy or keep with the times at all!

- Liz Neil, Senior Consultant 

Intangible Cultural Heritage Scotland

This is one of my favourites; a really novel (and world leading) way of documenting living cultural heritage.

- Thom Loius, Culture and Development Programme Manager

Atlas Arts 

I love this website for an arts organisation without a venue - beautify designed, with great photographs.

Scottish Poetry Library

They recently had their website redesigned; a great resource for researching poems and it helps promote Scottish writers.

Daily Gael 

This one makes me snigger! 

- all Norah Campbell, Head of Arts

Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o Riches

A superb collection of oral history from all over Scotland. I really love the folk tales from Orkney and Shetland.

- Jordan Ogg, Communications and External Relations Manager

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