Scotland + Venice 2017 - Rachel Maclean: Spite Your Face

13 May - 26 November 2017
Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Cannaregio, Venice

Artist Rachel Maclean is representing Scotland at this year's Venice Biennale. Her 30 minute film, Spite Your Face, is a dark Venetian fairytale presented as a large-scale portrait projection at the altar of a deconsecrated church.

Referencing the Italian folk-tale, the film is a tale across two worlds - with a bright, glittering and ordered upper world, and a warped, dirty, impoverished lower world - where the lure of wealth, power and adoration entices a destitute young boy into the shimmering riches of the kingdom above.

In this short film, Rachel talks about her inspiration for the work, and invites us behind the scenes to see how she created the extraordinary cast of characters that feature in the work.

Rachel Maclean: Spite Your Face is commissioned and curated by Alchemy Film and Arts, in partnership with Talbot Rice Gallery and the University of Edinburgh on behalf of Scotland + Venice.

Scotland + Venice is a partnership between Creative Scotland, National Galleries Scotland and British Council Scotland.