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British Council Scotland and Young Scot have again teamed-up along with the Scottish Government to deliver #GlobeScotters, a digital campaign encouraging young people to embrace the international opportunities available to them.

This new campaign is a direct response to COVID-19. It aims to support young people in Scotland to connect with international opportunities available to them, whilst supporting them to maintain an international outlook. It builds on the successful initial phase of GlobeScotters during the Year of Young People 2018. That phase encouraged young people to embrace international experiences at home and abroad and included opportunities and incentives through Young Scot Rewards. 

The initial #GlobeScotters survey was conducted at the end of 2020, designed to find out more about young people’s opinions on international education, experiences and what Coronavirus has meant to international opportunities. Results showed clearly that young people in Scotland value international experiences through work, education and language learning, with 82% of respondents saying they thought it was important for young people to stretch their horizons.

The most common responses as to why, were that international experiences increase cultural awareness, inclusion and personal development. The majority of young people responding to the survey (84%) said that they would like to have more opportunities to engage with their peers internationally.

Beginning on Sunday February 21, we are sharing information through the #GlobeScotters platform about international opportunities available through the British Council as well as about some of the exciting global content that we have on offer from different sector programmes across arts, education and policy.  You can read more here (link when live).

It's so important that as many young people as possible have their voices heard during this challenging time so please ~o get involved and find out more about #GlobeScotters here.


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